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Name, logo, tagline, and message - the building blocks of a brand that can make or break it. Here are some branding projects I have worked on. 

Vogue Womaniya 

With online fashion brands a dime to dozen in the Indian market, I knew that the brand would need to lean heavily on communication and brand identity to make impact. To achieve that, I coined the name ‘Vogue Womaniya’, a love affair between the classic French affinity for fashion and the incomparable beauty and grace of every Desi Womaniya. 


Bonvie Snacks

For a luxury FMCG brand selling freeze-dried foods, I wanted a name that is easy to pronounce and spell thereby increasing brand recall. Secondly, I wanted a name that conveys the essence of a brand not just by its meaning but also by the way it sounds. 


Bonvie, meaning ‘A good life’ not just emphasises the role the brand plays in empowering people to live healthier but also sounds delicious and luxurious on the tongue and to the ears. 

Screenshot 2023-01-26 020954.png


For a product that helps people manage and understand their insurance, I suggested a number of possible brand names - Sikkajar, Aavardhak, Ajnakhol, and more. While the client loved all names, one rose above the rest for its simplicity and succinctness - Chaataa. 


Why Chaataa? 


  • Conveys the fact that the company’s product is like a handy umbrella that protects one on a proverbial rainy day by providing clarity and protection by making it easy for them to avail the most of their insurance.

  • Easy to pronounce and understand across India. 



For Haldiram’s Nagpur’s flagship chocolate brand, I was called upon to write a tagline to effectively convey the essence of the product. They wanted Cocobay to be positioned as a luxury chocolate brand at par with Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, etc. 


The tagline we settled on was ‘Indulgence in every mouthful’. Similarly, all the content on the packaging focused on the central theme of sinful indulgence.

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